Terrarium TV on Firestick – How to Install Terrarium Tv APK on Fire TV

In this FireStick guide, you will learn to install Terrarium TV on FireStick. Terrarium TV is an incredibly popular entertainment app to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. This app brings the high-quality, on-demand content to you. Besides FireStick, it also works on Android smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes.

I have been using Terrarium TV since I don’t even remember when. What I do remember is that when I started using the app in the beginning, it quickly became my personal favorite. I love the fact that it has an exhaustive collection of content and new ones keep getting added regularly. I love it more that it fetches me more playable links than any other apps I might have tried since I started using Terrarium TV.

Terrarium TV app’s interface is customized for smooth navigation on the large screens, such as that of a TV. It is also remote-friendly, which makes it even more apt for my FireStick. In this guide, I am going to show you how to download Terrarium TV on FireStick using ES File Explorer and Downloader apps. Keep reading!

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To make your FireStick device more secure, Amazon prevents the installation of third-party apps that are not the part of the Amazon Store. Terrarium TV is one such app and to install it on FireStick, you will need to make the following changes.

Go to FireStick home-screen and select ‘Settings’ and open ‘Devices’ in the Settings menu

Now, click ‘Developer options’

Select and click ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ to turn it ON (if it is OFF)

Click ‘Turn On’ when you see this prompt.

Changing this security setting will not harm your device as long as you are not installing any malicious app. Terrarium TV is a popular, reliable app. You have no reason to worry about it.

Yes, I recommend you to disable the Apps from Unknown Sources again, after installing Terrarium TV on FireStick.


The first thing you want to do is get ES File Explorer on Amazon Firestick. The app is in the Amazon Store and it just takes a few minutes to get it. You can read the give guide to avoid any issues.

Now that you have ES File Explorer, let’s get started with the installation process of Terrarium TV on FireStick. Here are the steps:


1. Open ES File Explorer and expand the Tools option on the left. From the list within Tools, click ‘Download Manager’

2. Now, select and click ‘+ New’ icon on the bottom (it’s on the right side of the window)

3.  You will see the following window. Enter the following details in the boxes. And, click ‘Download Now’ button

Path : http://bit.ly/TTV-2018

Name: Any name of your choice

Note: Typing with the physical remote of FireStick could be a little difficult as it has no keypad. You can always use the free Amazon FireTV Remote app for Android or iOS devices.

4. ES File Explorer will now begin to download the APK. Once the Terrarium TV APK download is finished, you will see the following dialogue box.

Click ‘Open file’ to proceed

Terrarium TV on FireStick

5. Click ‘Install’ button when you see the following prompt to install the Terrarium TV APK

6. Click ‘Install’ again when the following screen appears (The Install button is on the bottom right of the screen. But, sometimes you may see ‘Next’ in place of ‘Install’. Just navigate to the bottom and the ‘Next’ will change to ‘Install’)

Terrarium TV on FireStick

7. Wait for Terrarium TV on FireStick to install.

When the Terrarium TV APK has been installed, you will see the following notification.

Now, you may click ‘Open’ and launch the app immediately. Click ‘Done’ to return to FireStick interface. You may open the app later from the ‘My Apps & Channels’ section.

So, this is how we install Terrarium TV on FireStick using ES File Explorer


It goes without saying that you must have the Downloader app on FireStick first. You can easily Download Downloader App on Firestick.

Do not forget to enable JavaScript in the Downloader Settings.

Once you have Downloader, follow the steps below to install Terrarium TV APK on FireStick.


  • Go ahead and open the Downloader app from Your Apps & Channels on Firestick.
  • When the app opens, click the ‘Home’ option on the left (this option is on the top on the left sidebar and is selected by default when you open the Downloader app)
  • The cursor must already be blinking inside the URL field on the right, if not use the remote to highlight the field. Now, press Select on the remote. Type in the following URL in the URL field on the right:

URL: http://bit.ly/TTV-2018

You can type the URL using the physical remote or you use the Amazon Fire TV Remote app for Android and iOS

  • Hit the ‘GO’ button to start downloading the Terrarium TV APK
  • Wait for the file to download. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. When the Terrarium TV APK is downloaded on FireStick, you will see the following prompt
    Terrarium TV on FireStick
  • Click ‘Install’ on the bottom right to proceed

Terrarium TV on FireStick

  • It will take about a minute or two to install Terrarium TV on FireStick. When the installation is complete, you will see the ‘App Installed’ notification.
  • Again, you may click ‘Open’ to run the app right away. I am going to click ‘Done’ as there is one more thing left to do on Downloader

Terrarium TV on FireStick

  • You will be taken back to the Downloader app interface where you will see the following prompt.
  • Go ahead and click ‘Delete’ to delete the Terrarium TV APK. Since, we have installed the app already, we don’t need the file anymore. FireStick has limited storage (up to 8GB) and it is best to remove all the unnecessary files whenever you get the chance.
    Terrarium TV on FireStick
  • Click the ‘Files’ option on the left on the Downloader app and you will see no files on the right. It will say ‘No files found in download folder.’ This means the APK file has been deleted.

You have successfully installed Terrarium TV on FireStick using the Downloader app. To run the app, go to ‘Your Apps & Channels’ from the FireStick home-screen. You will find the Terrarium TV app on the bottom of the list (that’s where all the recently downloaded apps go).

You can always movie it up in the front row so that it appears on the home-screen of the device. Just select the app icon and press the menu button on the remote. Click ‘Move’ or ‘Move to front’.



Before you start using Terrarium TV on FireStick, there are a few things you would want to be aware of.

  1. When you run the app, you may be asked to Update to a newer version. This happens when an older version of Terrarium TV APK has been installed or a new update is available since you last installed the app.
  2. Go ahead and click the ‘Update’ button when you see the following prompt and follow the on-screen instructions to install the new version. The prompt also shows what’s new in the latest version.
  3. You need at least one of the compatible media players installed on FireStick to be able to use Terrarium TV. When you run the Terrarium TV app for the first time, it will prompt you to select the default video player. If the chosen media player is not installed, you will be prompted to install it.

Here is the list of the compatible media players:

  • Yes Player (recommended by the app)
  • VLC Media Player
  • MX Player


It is true that there are dozens of free apps out there to watch movies and TV shows. But, there are reasons why Terrarium TV is the most popular of all. Having an impressive content collection is important. But, it is even more important to be able to provide working links. This app offers several links and lets you watch your favorite content in high-quality. This lightweight app is customized for larger screen of a TV and is remote friendly too.

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