Download Mobdro on Firestick | Steps to Install Mobdro APK on Fire TV

This guide will help all those users who want to install Mobdro on FireStick so, if you are one of such user then keep reading this article till the end. And I promise you that you will install download and install Mobdro succesfully. on FireStick

Since we know Mobdro app is not featured in Amazon Store, we will get it from an external source. This method is usually referred to as side-loading.

The idea is to first download Mobdro APK for FireStick and then install it. To accomplish this, we will use the following two methods:

  1. ES File Explorer App
  2. Downloader App

You can choose any of the two methods and you will get the same result. Let’s go through each one of them step by step.


While ES File Explorer is a popular file manager app, it extends its functionality as a side-loader as well. This app is featured in Amazon Store. So, go ahead and install ES File Explorer on FireStick first.

After installing ES File Explorer, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the ES File Explorer app from Your Apps & Channels

Step 2: On the left, you will see a bunch of expandable options. Go ahead and click Tools in order to expand it

Step 3: From the expanded options, click ‘Download Manager’ (Alternately, you may also click ‘Downloader’ option on the right on the ES Explorer main screen)

Step 4: Now navigate to the bottom right and click on ‘+New’

Step 5: Enter the following next:


Name: Enter Mobdro (you may enter any name you like, but Mobdro makes more sense)

Note: For quicker and convenient typing, use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App on your mobile

That done, click ‘Download Now’

Step 6: Go ahead and click ‘Open file’ when this prompt is displayed

Step 7: ES File Explorer will now ask what would you like to do with the Mobdro APK file you downloaded?

We want to install the app so click the option ‘Install’

Mobdro on FireStick

Step 8: FireStick will again ask you if you would like to install the app.

Click ‘Install’ one more time on the bottom right


Step 9: Wait while FireStick installs Mobdro app. It might take a minute.

Step 10: When installation is complete, you will be notified with the ‘App installed’ notification.

The notification window also has two buttons on the bottom.

Run Mobdro on FireStick by clicking ‘Open’

To return to ES Explorer app, hit ‘Done’

This is how Mobdro download and installation is concluded.

Delete Mobdro APK (recommended)

I always recommend the readers to delete the APK file after installation. FireStick has limited storage and the file is no longer needed. Here are the steps:

  1. Open ES File Explorer
  2. Expand the ‘Local’ option on the left
  3. Click the second ‘Home’ option on the list (the one without the home icon)
  4. Now, navigate to the Download folder on the right and open it
  5. Select the Mobdro APK file and hold down the center (select) button on the remote
  6. A small checkbox will appear on the top corner of the Mobdro file. Click the Delete option on the bottom


Downloader is a more popular app as a side-loading tool than ES File Explorer. It is simple and incredibly easy to use. But, it may not be available in some regions.

Install Downloader app on FireStick from the Amazon Store first and follow the steps below to install Mobdro on FireStick:

Step 1: Run Downloader app

Click the‘ Home’ tab on the left sidebar.

Select and click inside the URL field on the right

Step 2: Type in the following URL:

You may type using the onscreen keyboard with the physical FireStick remote. If you want to avoid the hassle of navigating to each letter or character, get Amazon Fire TV Remote App.

Hit ‘GO’

Step 3: Downloader app instantly starts to download Mobdro APK. Wait for the download to complete

Step 4: Again, Downloader will initiate the installation automatically.

Mobdro on FireStick

Click ‘Install’ on the subsequent window to confirm your intention to install Mobdro on FireStick

Mobdro on FireStick

Step 5: Let the installation complete (takes a minute or two)

Step 6: You will know that Mobdro app has been installed when the following notification (‘App installed’) is displayed.

We have one more thing to take care of. So, don’t click Open. Click Done and go back to Downloader app

Step 7: Click Delete on the following prompt

Mobdro on FireStick

Step 8: Click Delete one more time

Mobdro on FireStick

Well, you have finally completed Mobdro download and installation using the Downloader app. You have also deleted the APK file and cleared up some space on FireStick storage.


When you install an app, it does not appear on the FireStick home-screen. You may open ‘Apps & Channels’ and run the app from there. The apps you have recently installed appear on the bottom.

If you want quick access to Mobdro on FireStick, you will want to move it to the home-screen. You can do that by following these steps:

#1 Hold down the Home key on your FireStick remote for approximately 3-4 seconds until the following options are displayed

Click ‘Apps’ to go to Your Apps & Channels

#2 Scroll down and select Mobdro app at the bottom of the list

Mobdro on FireStick

#3 Press the menu key (three horizontal lines) on the remote and click ‘Move’ on the pop-up menu displayed on the bottom right of the FireStick screen

Alternately, hold down the center key (select key) on the remote for 4-5 seconds

#4 Use the navigation keys to move the Mobdro icon to one of the top two rows.

When the icon is at the sport where you want it, press the center/select key on the remote to drop it

I am going to drop it at the first position

You can now see Mobdro on FireStick home-screen


This covers pretty much everything you need to know about the installation of Mobdro on FireStick. I have used two methods because I believe it is good to have alternatives. Both ES File Explorer and Downloader facilitate side-loading, although I am more biased towards the latter. With Mobdro app installed on FireStick you can enjoy movies and TV shows on your TV. As I told you, there is a huge pool of content to explore. Go ahead and give it a try. We welcome questions and suggestions. So, feel free to use the comments section below.

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